Hand Hygiene for All

15th October marks Global Handwashing Day, a worldwide advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent disease and save lives.

It feels particularly pertinent this year, as the globe battles COVID-19. The pandemic has prompted many changes to our daily lives, including mask wearing, social distancing, and of course hand hygiene. This simple act has been at the forefront of the health campaign to help reduce the spread of this awful virus, and awareness has risen accordingly.

Global Handwashing Day also comes at a time when seasonal germs, like cold, flu, and norovirus (AKA the winter vomiting bug) occur. So it really is important to ensure your business or facility offers ample opportunities for hand hygiene.

Now is a good time to review your existing offering. Improve, fix, or replace any broken or unsanitary dispensers, because if the facilities are unusable, it is impossible to practise good hand hygiene. People are unlikely to wash their hands if taps or dispensers look dirty or are leaking. We also have a range of free, downloadable wall charts and posters, including guides to handwashing and sanitising, which can help to prompt hygienic behaviour.

It’s not just hands that viruses, like COVID-19, cling to though. They can also survive on surfaces, so it’s key that these, especially high touch points like door handles, are frequently cleaned with an effective disinfectant. Our Enviro H6 General All Purpose Sanitiser has a new and improved formula, which has been proven to kill coronavirus.[1] It is suitable for multi-purpose cleaning and disinfecting hard washable surfaces and equipment. Portable, with an easy to handle bottle, it provides an accurate dosing method, helping to minimise wastage. What’s more, as it’s part of our Enviro range, it has been designed with the environment in mind, so has reduced packaging, which results in fewer emissions in transportation too.

Check out our Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue for more details of our washroom range, which includes perfumed and unperfumed liquid soaps, foams, sanitising gels and wipes, as well as surface disinfectants and sanitisers.

For more information visit www.jangro.net or call 01204 795 955.

[1] Tested to EN14476, EN1276, EN16615

Preparing for Christmas

Despite fears that Christmas will be cancelled this year, many businesses are still planning their annual festive celebrations. In fact, according to a report1 that was released earlier this year, some 3.6m people had already started booking their Christmas party or meal out. So despite the uncertainty, it’s important that businesses in the catering and hospitality industry get prepared so that they are not caught short come December.

That’s why we have launched our Christmas Catalogue. It’s bursting with a wide range of fun and must-have festive supplies to suit a variety of budgets, including party favourites such as hats, streamers, balloons, balloon rockets and party poppers. Matching tableware is also available, with crackers, napkins, and table covers coming in a variety of coordinating colour combinations, such as red and green, silver and white, red and cream, and black and gold.

As well as standard crackers, once again, our customers can shop sustainably, enjoying our increased selection of charity and eco crackers. Fully recyclable, these eco-friendly crackers have removed all single use plastic content, whilst plastic ties have been replaced with raffia and ribbon alternatives. We have also said goodbye to glitter; instead high shine boards and sophisticated embossed finishes are used.

And it’s not only the cracker itself which is sustainable – the contents are fully recyclable too! As well as the usual hat and joke (printed on recyclable paper), the recipients will receive a game, toy, or tree decoration made from metal or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood.

Inside, there will also be a scroll with information about The Trussell Trust. This charity supports a nationwide network of food banks to provide emergency food and care to people locked in poverty, and campaigns for change to end the need for food banks in the UK. For every case of Tom Smith Eco Christmas Crackers sold, £2.00 will be donated to this worthy charity.

Available to view online, or as a hard copy from local distributors, the catalogue caters for a wide choice of budgets, with standard, superior, finest, premium and luxury collections available.

For more information, advice, or to place your festive order, please call our friendly distributors on 01204 795 955. Click here to view our Christmas Supplies Catalogue.

[1] https://catererlicensee.com/customers-could-spend-3-8bn-in-hospitality-in-the-first-week-of-re-opening/

Jangronauts help boost school hygiene

It’s ‘back to school’ season like never before. For most pupils up and down the country, this is the first time they have set foot in a school building for six months. Although a welcome return to normality, with COVID-19 still in general circulation, schools need to do their utmost to boost hygiene levels and keep germs at bay.

Encouraging handwashing from a young age is one of the most effective ways to prevent infection and improve health and wellbeing. That’s why we developed our award-winning Jangronauts range. Perfect for primary schools, pre-schools, and nurseries, the range features four handwashing heroes and fun messaging on a range of washroom dispenser units, helping children to learn the importance of hand hygiene in an engaging and interactive manner.

There is a choice of two soap dispensers available to loan at no cost[1], including the popular Jangronauts BK039 TFX. Touch-free, this dispenser automatically releases soap when hands are placed below it, further increasing hygiene levels.

The Jangronauts website also offers many free downloadable resources, including posters, handwashing certificates, colouring sheets, games, stickers, and more! We have also developed a teachers’ pack, which offers handwashing ideas to support the National Curriculum for EYFS, KS1, and KS2.

As well as promoting healthy handwashing habits, teachers and teaching assistants may also find themselves responsible for cleaning, particularly when it comes to surface hygiene. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, a quick wipe down alone simply won’t cut it. Surfaces, especially high touch points, need to be cleaned with a virucidal or disinfectant solution in order to eliminate germs. Chemicals in the classroom must be used carefully, however. Our training software, the Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS), can help staff clean responsibly, providing support and guidance on how to do so effectively and safely.

For more information visit www.jangronauts.co.uk, www.jangrolms.net, or call 01204 795 955.

[1] Free to loan dispensers when soap refills are purchased. Subject to availability. T’s & C’s apply.



A five point plan to make your business COVID-secure

As lockdown restrictions continue to loosen, an increasing number of companies are getting back to business. However, before re-opening your doors to staff, customers, or visitors, you must ensure your facility is COVID secure. Put simply, this means taking all reasonably practicable measures to lower the risk of transmission. It’s worth remembering, however, that whilst COVID-19 is still in circulation, it’s simply not possible to eliminate the threat completely.

Putting in place infection control measures not only helps to minimise the risk of contracting coronavirus, but also instils customer confidence, at a time when many are wary about going anywhere outside of their homes.

But just how do you go about making your facility or establishment COVID-secure? There is so much to consider, that it can become confusing. Our advice is to undertake a risk assessment to identify areas where the possibility of transmission is high, and then follow the ‘Hierarchy of Controls’ system to lower risk:

  1. Can you change or remove anything to eliminate the hazard? For example, offer table service in pubs, cafes and restaurants to remove potential crowding in the bar area.
  1. Can you replace any activities with safer systems? For example, implement a reservation only policy to manage the number of people at your facility at a given time
  1. Engineering Controls. Use equipment or other measures to ‘isolate’ people and prevent them from coming into contact with the hazard. Social distancing is one way of doing this, so employ signs, matting, and floor markers to help ensure effective spacing between people. You may also want to install Perspex screens at counters.
  2. Administrative Controls. This is about changing the way people work or behave. Hygiene is critical: Offer plenty of opportunities for hand hygiene; and ensure surfaces, especially high touchpoints, are frequently wiped down with an appropriate virucidal/disinfectant solution, effective against coronavirus.
  3. Personal protective clothes and equipment. Only after all other measures have been put in place, should PPE be considered. Masks and visors may be necessary to minimise the risk at your facility, whilst acting as a visual reminder that you take people’s health seriously.

For more information about Jangro, please visit www.jangro.net or call our friendly distributors on 01204 795 955.