Your step-by-step guide to washroom success

The primary reason to keep a washroom hygienically clean is to prevent the spread of infection. However, it is also important for another reason; in many respects, people perceive the health and hygiene of a washroom as an accurate reflection of the overall health and hygiene of a facility. Unclean or unsanitary washroom facilities not only damage the image and perception of a business but may also lead to a loss of revenue from existing and potential new customers. Put simply, a clean and hygienic washroom is good for the bottom line.

Within the washroom environment, we do two things that can spread harmful bacteria; that is excrete waste and touch communal surfaces. So, as well as encouraging good hand hygiene behaviour, it is critical to implement an effective cleaning regime. Here at Jangro, we have identified an eight-step systematic approach to achieve best practice cleaning in these areas:

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Part of our mission here at Jangro is to make high quality training as accessible as possible for our customers and their staff. We believe quality training is an investment in business, which boosts productivity, quality and safety. It needn’t be expensive or time-consuming – (just two of the challenges we often hear!).

Read on for our top 5 reasons why you should invest in training.

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Top tips for a successful handwashing culture

On Saturday 5th May, the WHO (World Health Organization) is calling on health facilities to prevent health care-associated sepsis through hand hygiene and infection prevention and control (IPC) action. Good handwashing practice not only plays a key role in the prevention of sepsis in healthcare, but can also help fight the spread of antibiotic resistance. It is an easy, affordable and effective way to achieve continued health, wellbeing and productivity – in our homes, schools, work places and of course in our hospitals and health facilities. Put simply, good hand hygiene benefits everybody, everywhere.

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Top tips for successful spring cleaning in the workplace

After a long winter full of germs, coughs, and colds, a new season is finally upon us so what better time to start your office spring clean? There are two clear business benefits to spring cleaning: Research suggests there is a positive correlation between productivity and a clean and tidy work space; and secondly, fewer days are lost to sickness, due to the reduced risk of disease when working in a hygienically clean work environment. So for a healthy and efficient workforce this season, check out our top tips to tackle the most common germ hot-spots.

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