Preparing for Christmas, the Jangro way!

The festive period is the busiest, and perhaps most stressful, time of the year for those in the professional catering industry – and it’s almost upon us again! In just four weeks’ time, the Christmas banqueting season will be in full swing for Catering and Hospitality staff, as merry diners excitedly fill venues across the country to celebrate Christmas with their colleagues, friends and families. Be it the local pub, high end hotel, fine dining restaurant or small-town bistro, the size of the venue makes no difference – all diners will expect a fun and festive celebration!

This year, the busy elves here at Jangro have been working hard to put together our best-ever Christmas Catering Supplies Catalogue to make your life just that little bit easier. If you haven’t yet got organised with table top decorations or crackers, don’t delay! Take a look at our Christmas Catering Supplies Catalogue now!

It contains a wide choice of matching tableware, crackers and party accessories. In fact, everything you might need for a Christmas celebration from napkins, to table covers, balloons, balloon rockets, fun party hats and party boxes to suit a variety of budgets.

Christmas functions, lunches and thrills also, inevitably, bring merry messes, soils and spills. As well as providing everything to ensure the celebrations get underway, we can also help you with the ensuing Christmas clear up. Check out our comprehensive range which includes everything from dish and glass washing products to washroom accessories; and the right equipment and detergent products to remove festive stains such as red wine, cranberry sauce and candle wax.

The best bit? You can trust in Jangro to guarantee that everything is competitively priced, and because we have 44 members strategically located around the country, we can offer you a speedy, efficient and reliable service.

Our distributors are still taking festive orders so don’t hesitate any longer, contact us now for more information, or to place your order.

Download the Christmas Catering Supplies Catalogue – Please click here!

Concentrating on environmental impacts

Jangro Enviro

Many of you may be aware of our popular Enviro Concentrates range of cleaning concentrates, developed with reducing waste at the heart of the concept. The easy and safe dose caps and trigger spray bottles provided with Enviro Concentrates products, together with Jangro’s comprehensive dosing guidelines, make sure exactly the right amount is used each time – no more and no less.

We have just added to this range with the introduction of a new high concentrate, low dosage air freshener and fabric deodoriser. Combining high performance with cost efficiency and environmental sensitivity, the new A7 Air Freshener and Fabric Deodoriser freshen the atmosphere and upholstery with an elegant fragrance of jasmine, rose and lime. Perfect for counteracting malodours, A7 is ideal for freshening up fabrics which cannot be cleaned in a washing machine, such as curtains, soft furnishings and carpets.

A7_Air Freshner

Because the range is highly concentrated, very low dosages are required, which can be accurately measured and used with Jangro’s trigger bottles and trigger spray heads. Each one-litre bottle of A7 provides up to 50 trigger spray bottles of air freshener and fabric deodoriser.

Reduced lifecycle impact

Using high concentration, low dosage cleaning products and highly accurate dosing methods means less packaging is required overall, and much less water is used during production. This also saves on C02 thanks to the products weighing less during transport, being packaged in smaller bottles and requiring far fewer deliveries. The overall result is reduced waste and minimal impact on the environment. And all of this comes with no impact on the quality and performance of the range!


The Enviro Concentrates range is a diverse selection of cleaning chemicals – together with the new additions, these include a Washroom Cleaner, Kitchen Sanitiser, Floor Cleaner, plus many more versatile chemicals. Each bottle provides up to 100 trigger spray bottles or 50 x 5 litre buckets of cleaning solution.

Enviro Concentrates Range_

The cleaning supply chain needs to continue to work hard to reduce chemical wastage, and even eliminate it altogether if possible. Using dosing caps to measure out concentrates is the most economical, entry-level way of moving away from ready-to-use sprays which can promote overuse of cleaning products. By moving into concentrates, cleaning contractors can also cut down on packaging, emissions, energy and disposal costs, while still delivering or exceeding the desired cleaning performance.


Bite-sized learning

LMS Header.png

Part of our mission here at Jangro is to make high quality training as accessible as possible for our customers. Many of you will have heard of our online training platform, the Learning Management Solution – we spent over six years developing this free, fully interactive e-learning platform, and are constantly refining and updating it.

In fact, our hard-working team has recently made the LMS even more versatile and accessible through the introduction of cleaning guide shorts in the form of our new Task Cards. View a taster of one of our Task Cards below:

Jangro Cleaning Toilets Thumbnail_Video.jpg

As well as offering animated video shorts to help operatives train to perform a range of specific cleaning jobs, the task cards themselves are brief, highly visual documents containing step-by-step instructions for product usage and safety information.

Here are the first three task cards:

Click to download!

Layout 1

Click to download!

Clean Toilet Task Card-1.jpg

Click to download!

Clean Cupboards_.jpg

We understand that it can be a challenge for busy operatives, particularly those working in smaller companies, to find the time and resources to attend training courses.

Courses often take place during working hours, and the cleaner must also sometimes travel to another town or city to take part – which becomes more of a challenge and causes greater disruption with ongoing training programmes requiring multiple sessions.

There are also higher costs to a business associated with sending operatives on training courses, including travel and the cost of the courses themselves, not to mention the cost of lost work if courses take place during working hours.

The benefit of the LMS is that course lengths vary, with users able to train remotely at times that suit them. This allows cleaning operatives to dip in and out of short sessions or longer sessions, making learning highly flexible and accessible. The new Task Cards make bite-sized training even more user-friendly and versatile.

LMS Sub_Header.jpg

We hope you find them useful!

Visit Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS) to sign up today!

What exactly are the benefits of buying from a world-class network?

The Jangro Network is one of the UK and Ireland’s largest independent group of cleaning product suppliers; but what exactly are the benefits to customers of buying from us? After all, we’re just moving cleaning products around, right?

Wrong! Here are the top 5 benefits of buying from the expanding Jangro network, which currently consists of 44 independent members:

Buying Power


Our increased buying power means we can offer high quality products at consistent, competitive prices;



UK MapOur group’s independent members are strategically located around the UK & Ireland meaning we offer national coverage combined with local, fast and reliable delivery service – find your local Jangro distributor;




Free, fully-integrated training for cleaning operatives: the Jangro Learning Management Solution is free to all customers, offering versatile and flexible training, certification and reporting (which can be used to help when bidding for contracts);



Tech Support


Comprehensive technical and health & safety support, including safety data sheets, COSHH risk assessments, product usage guides and much more;



Cleaning Products


Sustainable cleaning products: everything we offer has been comprehensively assessed with a low overall environmental impact in mind, from the raw materials used, to logistics, packaging and recycling.


And these are just the top five benefits, there is so much more besides – not least dedicated customer account management, consolidated invoicing and tailored reporting from a centralised point of contact, and our snazzy and modern e-commerce website. We could go so far as to say it’s the most comprehensive package in our industry!

It all adds up to the fact that our network offers our customers quality, choice, training and technical support. And we are constantly striving to improve quality and standards across our industry as well as developing and expanding our range of professional products – so it’s about much, much more than just moving products about!

We have the added benefit of a wealth of expert knowledge at our fingertips thanks to our members. Many of them are well-established independent companies that have been in the business for generations. We work hard to raise the bar for best practice in cleaning, so you can be sure that the products you buy from us are the safest and most innovative currently on the market.

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Democratising training for cleaning operatives

Training should not be vexing – it’s that simple. It should not be a burden that sees cleaning operatives struggle to find the time and money to undertake training courses. While many cleaning operatives still think the traditional training model of days in a training centre physically learning from an instructor is the only way to gain knowledge about the latest practices and products in the cleaning industry, there is another way.

The digital revolution is democratising training for the cleaning industry – e-learning modules can be a highly effective way of providing high-quality training to a large audience, and are often highly cost-effective or even free. That this type of training does not take time out of a working day, and the best courses allow operatives to dip in and out of sessions, providing very high flexibility. The best distance learning platforms can be accessed on smart phones and on desktop computers, so the majority of cleaning operatives already have the hardware they need.

But how do you know if you are looking at a quality e-training course, and what are the key points to watch out for? Here are our top five tips:

  • Quality: The best e-learning training platforms for cleaning operatives will generally be offered by existing, well-known brands in the cleaning industry, and developed in association with independent, reputable industry experts.
  • Range: Quality e-learning courses will cover a wide range of topics, from health and safety basics to specialist activities such as floor care, carpet care, and kitchen and washroom hygiene.
  • Adaptability: Ideally, course lengths would vary, with users able to train remotely at times that suit them. This allows cleaning operatives to dip in and out of short sessions or longer sessions, making learning highly flexible and accessible.
  • Reporting: The best e-learning courses will allow cleaning supervisors to remotely monitor the progress of students and generate reports based on the training they’ve received and their success. This documentation can help with bidding.
  • Supporting information: As well as certification of courses undertaken, ideally, e-learning providers would also supply a range of free supporting health and safety information, as well as technical data sheets, and product usage guides; if the training is offered in connection with the use of specific products.

E-learning should not replace the hands-on training approach, but rather offer an extra form of highly flexible and accessible training, with the aim of raising standards of health and safety in the industry.

The process of education. Laptop as an Ebook. Online education.

Our industry is not behind the times when it comes to innovation. Many professional cleaning operatives are alert to the benefits of new technology, and to how distance learning can directly benefit them. E-learning allows high-quality training to reach a large audience that may not otherwise have undertaken such a programme – and this can only be a good thing for raising health and safety standards in our industry.

Here at Jangro, we passionately believe that training should be high quality, easily accessible and cost-effective. In fact, we have just made our e-learning platform, the Jangro Learning Management Solution, even more versatile and accessible through the introduction of animated cleaning guide shorts in the form of Task Cards.

E-learning and education

Find out more about the Learning Management Solution here:

Soap for social good

27 July soao co

Here at Jangro we are proud to offer hand crafted soaps from The Soap Co, through Clarity Enterprises. We love the luxurious look and feel, and also thoroughly support the social good that The Soap Co and Clarity Enterprises champion through their innovative business models.

The Soap Co is a social enterprise that creates soap products with wonderful fragrances, minimalist design and a strong social and environmental ethos.

All disabled people should have an opportunity for employment, independence and skills development. The Soap Co and Clarity Enterprises bring life to this vision with a workforce that is predominately blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged.

As well as providing a stable, friendly and supportive work place, The Soap Co also strives to reduce its impact on the environment by developing eco-friendly products based on natural ingredients. Its profits are reinvested into the organisation to allow further opportunities to be developed for its workforce.

Proudly British, the Soap Co currently employs over 105 people across the country, 80% of whom are blind or otherwise disabled. The company aims to generate over 60 new job opportunities every year.

We couldn’t agree more with The Soap Co when it states that there is no trade-off between luxury products, beautiful design and social impact. Every time you use a product from The Soap Co, you are creating opportunities for people who are blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged.

Find out more about The Soap Co range on offer in our new Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue: Soap Co range.

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Hygiene best practice – five things you may not know

Getting a facility spick and span plays an important role in infection prevention and control. But what do we mean when we talk about hygiene best practice in cleaning, and how can you ensure that you and your cleaning teams are getting the job done to the highest possible standards?

Here are five things you and your cleaning team may not know about hygiene best practice:

Do you know what should be cleaned and when in the washroom?

Washrooms require specific hand with glove showing thumb up sign against clean toiletdaily, weekly and monthly cleaning regimes to maintain the highest standards of hygiene to reduce the risk of infection and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. For instance, did you know that germicidal or bactericidal cleaners will kill 99.99% of all bacteria found on a surface, and they don’t need to be used every day?


Do you know the difference between disinfectors and sanitisers?

Professional chef thinking

Catering businesses are vulnerable to food contamination due to poor hygiene practices by food handlers or unhygienic working conditions. To meet the required hygiene standards of a commercial kitchen environment, cleaners must differentiate between disinfectors and sanitisers in order to understand how to properly clean professional kitchens.


Do you know how to limit the environmental impacts of cleaning?            

18342414_1140943696010262_7634814867107582129_n.jpgOur Enviro range of chemicals has been formulated to ensure the impact is kept to an absolute minimum and has been designed to comply with all current European Regulations concerning biodegradability and the preservation of the environment. We consider the entire lifecycle of all our products taking into account sustainability at every stage, from manufacture to use and disposal.


Do your cleaning staff know how to protect themselves from hazards while cleaning? LMS-topicsMany chemical products used during cleaning are dangerous and can cause fires, damage your health or the environment. Find out more in our Control of Substances Hazardous to Health awareness training module, together with our manual handling, and health & safety courses and much more via our free e-learning platform, the Jangro Learning Management Solution.

How can you encourage children to use a washroom safely and hygienically?

18891822_1162380993866532_7915381736197359265_oDid you know Jangro worked with educational experts to carefully develop a co-ordinated hand hygiene campaign for children, combining vibrant and fun learning resources with the physical hand washing appliances in their setting? This way, there is a clear link between classroom learning and practical application. The Jangronauts are four hand-washing hero characters who teach children about the vital importance of hand hygiene in a fun, interactive and educational way. The colourful characters feature on a range of free-on-loan washroom dispenser units, and are also the stars of a variety of education resources.

While some view a cleaner’s work as something anyone could do, successful cleaning companies recognise the need for well-trained professionals. Here at Jangro, we champion the vital work that cleaners undertake day in and day out, often in the background and out-of-hours. We are proud to be raising the bar for standards in the cleaning industry, and would like to help our customers reach their full potential and produce quality cleaning results in an environmentally sensitive and cost-effective way.

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Jangro aces distribution test

We are delighted to have passed the auditing process and become one of the first distributors accredited by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) new Accredited Distributors Scheme!

Facebook CHSA

Gaining accreditation is no mean feat, and we are really proud to come on board. The independent auditing process is rigorous, and conducted by the CHSA’s Independent Inspector. Assessments don’t stop when you’ve gained accreditation – regular audits will continue, offering buyers certainty and confidence that high standards are maintained.

The CHSA is committed to driving up standards in the cleaning industry, and so is the dedicated team here at Jangro. The accreditation scheme is a great way for our customers to be confident that the cleaning and hygiene products we offer can be relied upon to meet the high standards of the scheme and all aspects of the CHSA code of practice.


A single source of supply

Here at Jangro we are proud to be the leading independent supply network for the professional cleaning industry. We now boast a total of 44 distributors across the UK, Ireland and Isle of Man! You can use our online search tool to find your local distributor.


Being part of such an expansive and growing network gives us buying power and efficiency savings, which we pass on to our customers, while also providing us with a deep pool of knowledge and experience.

We have carefully tailored our offering to make selecting, using and planning for cleaning activities with Jangro products as streamlined as possible for our customers. Our product catalogues are available online and in print, including our newly launched Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue 2017/18. Our website has been designed to make finding the product you need to get the job done as simple as possible – you can search by product category, business sector, or by cleaning task.


Proud to be independent

There’s plenty more besides! The headline is that we are proud to be the UK’s largest independent distribution network of products for the professional cleaning industry. We’re passionate about going above and beyond to help our customers grow their businesses.

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Healthier workplace, Healthy workforce

Woman Cleaning Hardwood Floor With Mop

There is no question that working environments have a significant impact on health and wellbeing. Productivity and morale in office-based staff can all be impacted by small changes in working conditions, for instance, simple features such as natural lighting and modern kitchen amenities can potentially have a big impact on the wellbeing of a team.

Of course, a top quality barista service would also make a nice upgrade to any office, together with a weekly back massage service – but that might be getting slightly carried away.

In fact, one of the simplest ways of supporting a healthy workforce is by ensuring that workplaces are kept clean and hygienic with regular, thorough cleaning schedules that use the most appropriate products.

This isn’t just for aesthetic reasons, although it is undeniable that clean and tidy entrance halls or washrooms give off a far better impression of a company than the dirty, unhygienic facilities. In fact, it is well-known that promoting hygiene and appropriate cleaning in the workplace can actually improve the health of a workforce and reduce absenteeism.

Sickness absence

It is estimated that more than 400 million working days were lost in the UK due to sickness absence between 2013 and 2015. In fact, the UK Health & Safety Executive says sickness absence is a key business issue, and an indicator of how well an organisation is managed. While workplace productivity can be affected by a number of factors, including stress and anxiety, infections can also spread rapidly in closed environments and also cause workers to take days off sick.

Sick in office

A regular and thorough cleaning schedule throughout an office is essential, targeting key germ hot spots such as office phones, door handles and kettles, while maintaining high levels of hygiene in all areas from the office to the reception.

The washroom should also be considered a germ hot spot in any building, requiring extra attention and planning to keep to a high standard of cleanliness. After all, germs that make their way on to the hands here can easily be transferred to other surfaces throughout a building.

And the majority of infections can be carried and transmitted by the hands – at any one time a thriving community of well over 300,000 species of bacteria dwell on each palm. But while it is widely known that you should clean your hands thoroughly after using the washroom, many people still do not comply.

Give workers options

Office washrooms should offer a range of soap and sanitiser dispensing equipment, so that there is something to suit the personal preferences of every worker and visitor. Some people prefer to use touch-free dispensers, for instance, while others will always use paper towels over hand dryers, or prefer to use gel rather than foam soap.

Our latest Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue includes details of our new Washroom Dispenser range as well as additions to our Jangronauts children’s dispenser range, among many other product updates.

On our website, you can also find helpful resources to support your facilities cleaning and hygiene programme, including a washroom cleaning schedule, a wall chart promoting proper hand washing technique, video product usage guides, and full free training programmes through our Learning Management Solution.

Keeping things spick and span is a practical and simple way of boosting the health of a workforce. Once this fundamental is perfected, then it might be time to think about the in-office massages, upgraded coffee stations and beanbag breakout areas.

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Jangro is proud to pay the Living Wage

As a newly-accredited Living Wage Employer, Jangro is committed to fair pay that reflects the real cost of living

Happy Cleaners Stacking Hands

Jangro, the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland, is delighted to announce that it has received accreditation as a Living Wage Employer.

The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at Jangro, regardless of whether they are direct employees or third-party contracted staff; receive a minimum hourly wage of £8.45 in the UK or £9.75 in London. Both of these rates are significantly higher than the statutory minimum for over 25s of £7.50 per hour introduced in April 2017.

The real Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, and employers choose to pay the real Living Wage on a voluntary basis.
Jangro Operations Director Joanne Gilliard said, “We are committed to fair pay that reflects the real cost of living. The dedicated team that works at Jangro are our greatest business asset, and accreditation as a Living Wage Employer means we are fairly reflecting their hard work and the value that they bring to our business, and to our customers. Being a Living Wage Employer is vital to maintaining a strong, motivated team.”

Director of the Living Wage Foundation Katherine Chapman said, “We welcome Jangro to the Living Wage movement as an accredited employer. Responsible businesses across the UK are voluntarily signing up to pay the real Living Wage now. The real Living Wage rate is annually calculated to reflect the real costs of living.”

“We are a movement of over 3000 UK employers who together want to go further than the government minimum to make sure all their staff earn enough to live on. We have lots of small businesses as well as big household names like; IKEA, Aviva, Chelsea and Everton Football Clubs and many more.

“These businesses recognise that the Living Wage accreditation is the mark of a responsible employer and they, like Jangro join us, because they too believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.”