Autumn Hygiene

As the seasons change, so do cleaning and hygiene requirements. With autumn settling in and winter not far behind, now is a good time to make sure you’re prepared for the months ahead.

We are already seeing the return of seasonal viruses rising, such as coughs and colds, flu, and norovirus. The COVID-19 restrictions that were in place last year meant there was less opportunity for these germs to spread between people, but this may mean higher rates of infection ahead of us. Therefore the mantra of hygiene must be sustained.

  • Continue to offer staff, customers, and visitors opportunities to clean their hands – in washrooms, at entrances/exits, and in high traffic areas, such as by reception desks or point of sale zones.
  • Factor enough time into cleaning schedules for staff to undertake the necessary frequent sanitising and cleaning of surfaces. Additional cleaning of flooring may also be required to prevent slips and falls during times of wet weather.
  • Ensure that staff have the skills to achieve the best possible clean, by investing in high quality and relevant training.

Our award-winning e-learning platform, the Jangro Learning Solution (LMS), offers a flexible and contact-less approach to training. Highly accessible, it is optimised for all devices, covering a wide range of topics, and was recently accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Users can track their progress and are awarded badges as they progress through the training courses.

It also offers a versatile system to ‘train on the go’ with its Task Cards – brief, highly visual documents containing step-by-step instructions for product usage and safety information. Pertinent subjects for autumn include ‘how to mop a floor’ and ‘how to clean a potential virus outbreak’.

Check out our Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies catalogue, which contains all the essentials you’ll need to keep spaces clean and healthy. For more information or advice, please call our friendly distributors on 01204 795 955 or visit or

Back to school: 5 Lessons in hygiene

September heralds a new academic year, but the start of a new term usually means new germs. It’s not surprising – bacteria and viruses thrive in schools, where children frequently play and work together closely.

Important lessons were learned during the COVID-19 crisis, so let’s not return to pre-pandemic complacency when it comes to hygiene in schools, nurseries and other educational facilities. Here are our top 5 tips for a healthy learning environment this term:

Hand hygiene before entering the classroom

  • Washing and sanitising hands became a routine part of entering the classroom last year. Keep this practice up to prevent germs from entering the school building.

Hand hygiene in the washroom

  • Make sure facilities are in good working order and are suitable for young children. Our Jangronauts range is perfect for little ones; it features four handwashing heroes and fun messaging to engage and encourage hygienic behaviour.

Use products that are effective and fast-acting

  • All hygiene products (for both hands and surfaces) should have antibacterial and antiviral efficacy. Earlier this year, we expanded our Jangro Professional range. It now includes Jangro Professional Antiviral Disinfectant, a powerful multi-purpose, bactericidal, ready-to-use cleaner and sanitiser, and Jangro Professional Antiviral Hand Wash. Both have passed key standards EN14476, EN1276, and EN13697, proving they kill 99.99% of germs and viruses.

Remember to wipe touchpoints frequently

  • As well as regular hand hygiene, don’t forget to sanitise areas that are often touched by different people. High touch points include the backs of chairs, door knobs, or the handles on windows, which are recommended to remain open to help ventilate rooms.

Brush up on the best techniques

  • We haven’t forgotten that teaching staff are not professional cleaning operatives. So, to ensure an A-grade clean is achieved (whilst protecting personal health and safety), it’s a good idea to brush up on the best techniques. Our versatile and innovative training software, the Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS), provides handy reference guides so that staff receive full marks on their clean!

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Smart charts in seconds!

Have you heard the news? We have enhanced our award-winning digital wall chart creator with an exciting new multi-room function. This means that, as well as individual rooms, it can now generate tailored colour-coded wall charts for entire buildings!

The online system now includes bedrooms, boardrooms, canteen/staff rooms, classrooms, gymnasiums, hospitality areas, kitchens, offices, receptions, and washrooms, enabling customers to build bespoke cleaning and hygiene guides for multiple spaces within a facility.

It’s such a helpful tool – we designed it to help support our clients at every stage:

  • Product selection: It incorporates data about thousands of products, with guidance on the surfaces that they are suitable for.
  • Whole buildings: The customer can create bespoke charts with the products of their choice, for one or all rooms in its building.
  • Reference guide: It can be displayed for all staff to see and refer to during use.
  • Compliance: It is great for health and safety audits. As well as their bespoke copy, the customer automatically receives a full health and safety compliance pack so all relevant documents are saved in one place.

Easy to use, customers simply select areas of a room and are presented with a list of suitable cleaning solutions to choose from. After making their selections, the online tool creates a bespoke colour coded chart, which is emailed to the customer to save.  A QR code is also issued, enabling the chart to be downloaded to a mobile device quickly and easily.

What’s more, businesses can even personalise the charts by uploading their logo and giving the chart a name of their own choice.

We are so proud of this software. It was the first of its kind in the industry and scooped the prestigious Management Systems Innovation Award at the Cleaning Show when it launched in 2019.

We’d love to know what you think of the latest features. Head over to to try it out. Remember to click on the multi-room option if you want to create plans for more than one space.

You can depend on us

Restrictions may be lifting around the country, but the pressure to keep spaces clean, hygienic, and healthy remains more important than ever. That’s why we wanted to remind you that we are only ever a phone call away.

These past 18 months haven’t been easy for anyone, the cleaning and hygiene industry included. Early on, demand outpaced supply, which resulted in a flood of unethical, profiteering companies entering the market. So now, on top of intensive cleaning schedules and the requirement for more frequent deep cleans, businesses are also faced with a confusingly large choice of products and supplies – some of which may not be fit for purpose or have massive mark ups.

At Jangro, we believe it’s not just what you buy, it is who you purchase them from that can make a difference – and the good news is that it’s easy to identify a trustworthy supplier. Just look for memberships and accreditations with independent industry organisations. For example, Jangro is proud to be associated with the CHSA (Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association), CSSA (Cleaning & Support Services Association) and the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association).

Our affiliations with these organisations mean that we follow various codes of practice. This reassures customers and prospects that they are engaging with the right cleaning contractor, which meets their stringent standards. As well as trading responsibly, partnering with us has so many more business benefits:

  • Quality: we do all the legwork on your behalf, ensuring we only offer reputable, and in many cases, more sustainable brands and products.
  • Fair prices: our increased buying power means we can offer high quality products at consistent, competitive prices
  • Speedy delivery: we offer national coverage combined with a local, fast and reliable delivery service, thanks to the strategic locations of Jangro members across the country.
  • Training: All of our customers and their staff have access to our CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accredited, interactive, and award-winning training platform, the LMS (Learning Management Solution).
  • Health & Safety compliance: We offer comprehensive technical and health & safety support, including safety data sheets, COSHH risk assessments, product usage guides and much more.

For more information, advice, or to place an order, please call our friendly distributors on 01204 795 955 or visit