5 top tips to build a successful hand hygiene culture


The importance of handwashing and sanitising has been spoken about a LOT over the past 18 months. Pre-pandemic, other than in healthcare settings, handwashing or sanitising facilities for visitors and customers were usually only found in washrooms. Today, people expect to be able to sanitise hands in shops, pubs, restaurants, leisure facilities, at school or college. In fact, anywhere that is open to the public should have an effective hand hygiene system installed.5th May marks the World Health Organization’s annual hand hygiene advocacy day. Since lockdown restrictions set to relax even further over the coming weeks too, here are five top tips to build a successful hand hygiene culture amongst your staff, visitors, and clientele.

1) Ensure hand washing or sanitising facilities are accessible. Ensure dispensers are positioned at the entrances / exits and high traffic areas, such as reception areas or
points of sale.

2) Given the frequency with which people sanitise hands, formulations must be dermatologically tested, but also effective at killing germs in fast contact times. Look for products that conform to key standards including EN 14476 and EN1276 for reassurance of their efficacy.

3) Consider investing in touch-free dispensers, which release the correct dose of product without making physical contact with hands. This enhances hygiene ratings.

4) Facilities occupied by children, such as schools or soft play centres, should consider installing equipment and supplies that have been designed with little ones in mind. For example, supply products that will engage and encourage hand hygiene practice, like our popular Jangronauts range. Dispensers and basins should also be positioned at a lower height to enable ease of use.

5) Place notices at key hot spots. These remind people, not only to wash or sanitise hands, but also the best techniques and the duration required for an effective clean. We offer a range of free, downloadable wall charts, guides and posters at Jangro.net.

At Jangro, we supply a wide range of hand hygiene equipment and products, including dispensers, perfumed and unperfumed liquid soaps, foams, sanitising gels and wipes. Details can be found in our Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue.For more information about our innovative range for children, head to the Jangronauts website. For  more information or advice, please call our friendly distributors on 01204 795 955 or visit Jangro.net.



The LMS – it just keeps getting better!

Regular readers of the blog will know just how much we believe in accessible, high quality training for professional cleaning staff. It is vital, not only to achieve best practice, but also to keep workers safe. This couldn’t be more pertinent now, as many in our industry are working hard on the frontline, putting themselves at risk of coronavirus to keep places clean and hygienic for others.

That’s why we are so proud of our training platform, the Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS). We are constantly investing in it to make it better, more accessible, and user-friendly – and it’s not just us that think it’s great. It has won several awards, and last year, it was accredited by the CPD certification service too.

We have recently made several more enhancements to it. The site now features bronze, silver, and gold badges, which are awarded to users as they progress through the training courses.

The badges are designed to encourage individuals to complete more courses, gain a higher status, and to then promote their success to others. Users can track their progress and view their status under their profile on the LMS site. Once they reach the bronze, silver, or gold level, the badges can be downloaded and added to email signatures or marketing material to promote their progress.

And that’s not all. We have also given the COSHH training module a revamp. It now benefits from a much more modern look and feel, enhanced usability, and is mobile-friendly.

For more information or advice, please visit http://jangrolms.net/

We’re only a phone call away

We have been living with coronavirus and its associated restrictions for over 12 months now – and what a bumpy journey it’s been. Over the past year, we have seen a yo-yo of lockdowns and easing of restrictions, before stronger measures have been imposed again. It’s not been easy for anybody. But throughout it all, we have done our utmost to support your business throughout the crisis, from supplying the all-important cleaning, hygiene, and PPE products, to offering educational materials and training.

And we are still here for you.

We recently refreshed our Deep Cleaning – Controlling the Risk guide, which explains in clear, easy to understand language how to control the risk of COVID-19 via deep cleaning. This is ideal for organisations that can remain open throughout the pandemic, such as healthcare, nursing homes, factories, construction, and of course, schools that are open for vulnerable and key workers’ and children.

It will also prove handy for all businesses when these lockdown measures are eased. When that time comes, rest assured that we will be ready to support you once again.

We are working around the clock to ensure essential products, such as hand sanitiser, virucidal cleaners, toilet rolls etc., are fully stocked for our customers. What’s more, we offer products to suit all budgets, via our Premium, Professional, and Contract ranges.

We can also help your staff do their jobs to the highest standard, whilst ensuring their health and safety is protected, via our online training platform. The Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS) offers online, CPD accredited courses, enabling operatives to learn remotely – perfect for these strange times when social distancing is a must.

We have a national supply across the UK and Southern Ireland by local, friendly companies, who offer efficient delivery services and finally, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Our friendly distributors are only a phone call away and are ready to offer support and advice on all of your cleaning and hygiene requirements. Contact us today on 01204 795 955 or visit Jangro.net.

Top tips before re-opening your non-essential business

We are thrilled to see that lockdown measures are continuing to loosen, with the restrictions lifting for non-essential retail, personal care, and outside dining. However, reopening your business after a period of closure will require some extra checks to ensure you have taken all reasonably practicable measures to lower the risk of COVID transmission.

Putting in place infection control measures not only helps to minimise the threat, but also instils customer confidence, at a time when many are still nervous about contracting coronavirus. So to help businesses restart safely this April, here are our top tips to keep establishments clean and COVID secure.

  • Carry-out a full site risk assessment to determine if a thorough clean or a professional deep clean is required. Check out our new ‘Deep Cleaning’ Task Card which outlines best practice in highly visual, bite-sized guidance.
  • Make sure staff are fit for work. As well as being symptom-free, they should wear clean work clothes and don the appropriate PPE. You will find a wide selection including masks, gloves, and visors in our Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue.
  • Catering businesses should check that food preparation areas are clean and disinfected. This includes work surfaces, equipment, and utensils. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection should be increased too, paying particular attention to shared equipment and high touch areas. Consider switching your usual cleaning products to Jangro’s Antiviral disinfectant, which has been proven to kill coronavirus.
  • Check you have a plentiful supply of hand washing and sanitising products for both customers and staff to use.
  • Review social distancing measures and employ signage, such as floor markers, to indicate the necessary spacing between people.
  • Ensure any changes are communicated clearly to employees and provide appropriate training. Our award-winning training platform, the Jangro LMS, has a range of helpful modules and task cards, including Kitchen Hygiene, Colour Coding and Infection Control, and Deep Cleaning, to help ensure best practice is achieved.

Finally, make sure you are up to date with the latest government guidance for your sector.


For more information or advice, please call our friendly distributors on 01204 795 955 or visit Jangro.net / JangroLMS.net