Bringing the invisible workforce out of the shadows

The cleaning industry has made great efforts in recent years to improve the perception of cleaning operatives, and place a value on the work that they do. However, whenever the spotlight is shone on the industry, it is usually for the wrong reasons.

We saw this in the recent drama, Cleaning Up, which portrayed professional cleaning operatives as an undervalued workforce, held in low regard. It also raised important issues, such as working conditions, minimum wage salaries, and ‘zero-hour’ contracts.

Such coverage of our industry, even if it is fictional, is not helpful in improving the perception of cleaning operatives. It does not champion these workers, nor recognise the vital role they play in keeping places clean and hygienic. In fact, cleaning operatives are an essential part of the jigsaw; instrumental in an organisation’s success. After all, first impressions count and unclean facilities can determine whether a customer chooses to return or recommend a business. Unsanitary or dirty buildings can even damage its reputation – and quickly – thanks to social media which often acts as an outlet for people’s dissatisfaction.

At Jangro, we believe that is so important to show our appreciation and help professional cleaning operatives realise their worth. Two ways in which this can be demonstrated are through fair remuneration and training.

Pay the Living Wage

Jangro is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer, and we urge others in the cleaning industry to join us and reward their employees fairly for their hard work. After all, those who are willing to put in a hard day’s work deserve to be paid a realistic salary that reflects the cost of living.


At Jangro we are passionate about training! There are a whole host of reasons why businesses should invest in it. Not only does is improve quality and best practice, help businesses adhere to health and safety laws, but, importantly, it can also help boost both morale and productivity, and even reduce staff turnover. This, in itself, has clear business benefits, after all recruitment takes up valuable time and money.

We are pleased to offer our award-winning online training programme, the Learning Management Solution (or the LMS as we call it), free to all of our customers and their staff. What’s more, it is versatile and accessible, allowing users to train remotely at times that suit them.

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