Business as Usual?

COVID-19 has disrupted just about every aspect of everyday life, but as lockdown gradually eases and restrictions are lifted, we now need to come to terms with our ‘new normal’. Whilst keyworkers have continued to work throughout the crisis, including many from the cleaning industry, lots of other organisations are only just starting to prepare for getting back to business.

However, with the threat of a second wave, they have valid concerns, and indeed a responsibility, to ensure that their premises are as safe as possible for their staff, visitors, and customers. The key to this is to implement effective infection prevention measures, and make sure that workspaces are as clean, hygienic, and healthy as possible, before reopening.

That’s why we have developed two new guides to help businesses get to grips with the new requirements, so that they are ‘COVID-19 secure.’ In clear, easy to understand language, they explain how to control the risk of COVID-19 via deep cleaning, and explore the importance of hand hygiene, with tips and advice to achieve compliance.

‘Deep Cleaning – Controlling the Risk’ covers key cleaning and hygiene topics, including: personal protective equipment (PPE), hand hygiene, cleaning in non-healthcare settings, infection control colour coding, types of disinfectant and sanitiser, and the equipment required for wiping surfaces, floor care, and emergency spillages. It also includes advice for washing laundry, waste disposal, and signposts other support materials available, such as infection control guides and wallcharts and area cleaning charts.

The ‘Importance of Hand Hygiene’  includes instructions for good handwashing practice, advice about the type of soap or cleansers to choose, and steps to help maintain good hygiene. It also gives guidance for handwashing in facilities where children are present, such as our innovative Jangronauts range – perfect for schools and nurseries. Additionally, there is information about hand sanitising, including tips about the most effective locations to position hand sanitising stations within a building.

As well as cleaning and hygiene, don’t forget about social distancing! Ensuring that people are two metres apart is important to limit the spread of the virus, and to keep workplaces healthy. We have a great range of signage and matting to help prompt responsible behaviour – check out our range here.

For more information or to download ‘Deep Cleaning – Controlling the Risk’ and ‘Importance of Hand Hygiene’ visit

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