The Who, What, Why and Where of Washroom Hygiene

Jangro Washroom Hygiene

Washrooms are known to be hotspots for harmful germs and bugs, therefore the highest standards of hygiene need to be maintained to prevent these pesky bugs spreading to other parts of your workplace. Did you know that the condition and cleanliness of the washroom facilities in any pub or restaurant is dependent on whether or not customers return to that specific venue? Taking this into consideration it’s clear you should take no prisoners when meeting cleaning standards in these areas. Continue reading

Your step-by-step guide to washroom success

The primary reason to keep a washroom hygienically clean is to prevent the spread of infection. However, it is also important for another reason; in many respects, people perceive the health and hygiene of a washroom as an accurate reflection of the overall health and hygiene of a facility. Unclean or unsanitary washroom facilities not only damage the image and perception of a business but may also lead to a loss of revenue from existing and potential new customers. Put simply, a clean and hygienic washroom is good for the bottom line.

Within the washroom environment, we do two things that can spread harmful bacteria; that is excrete waste and touch communal surfaces. So, as well as encouraging good hand hygiene behaviour, it is critical to implement an effective cleaning regime. Here at Jangro, we have identified an eight-step systematic approach to achieve best practice cleaning in these areas:

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