Celebrating Hand Hygiene

The coronavirus has really highlighted the importance of good hand hygiene, and not just for those that work in the healthcare industry – who already make it a frequent part of their daily lives. The way we are now living, working, and taking infection prevention measures was unthinkable a year ago.

Never before, has the general public, both young and old, been so aware of when hands should be washed, the best technique, and importantly how long for the most effective clean. People of all ages can now be heard humming the ‘happy birthday’ chorus twice to make sure they have washed for the full 20 seconds!

So as the World Health Organization’s annual advocacy day for hand hygiene rolls around again on 5 May, its ‘Save Lives: Clean Your Hands’ initiative feels extremely pertinent. Good hand – and indeed surface – hygiene is hugely important in times of a health crisis, but it is important to ensure that these measures continue in the future.


Here at Jangro we have given careful thought to the hand and surface hygiene products that we offer through our network. Our Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue gives details of our latest washroom ranges. Inside, you’ll find a wide range of solutions that help encourage healthy hand washing practice, including dispensers, a variety of soap and gel options, drying equipment and signage. We also offer a range of wall charts and posters, including guides to hand washing and sanitising, which can be downloaded for free and used in facilities as part of a hand hygiene campaign.


For school and nursery settings, now is a good time to think about whether your facilities positively influence good handwashing behaviour as well as they could. Our innovative Jangronauts range has been designed with children in mind, and features four hand washing hero characters to help embed healthy hand washing skills from a young age, in a fun, interactive and educational way. It also includes free resources for parents and teachers to help promote the hand hygiene message when schools re-open.

Whatever you do this week, make time to find out about the WHO’s valuable Save Lives Clean Your Hands campaign, and remember – infection control is in your hands.

For more information, please visit www.jangro.net or www.jangronauts.co.uk