Concentrating on environmental impacts

Jangro Enviro

Many of you may be aware of our popular Enviro Concentrates range of cleaning concentrates, developed with reducing waste at the heart of the concept. The easy and safe dose caps and trigger spray bottles provided with Enviro Concentrates products, together with Jangro’s comprehensive dosing guidelines, make sure exactly the right amount is used each time – no more and no less.

We have just added to this range with the introduction of a new high concentrate, low dosage air freshener and fabric deodoriser. Combining high performance with cost efficiency and environmental sensitivity, the new A7 Air Freshener and Fabric Deodoriser freshen the atmosphere and upholstery with an elegant fragrance of jasmine, rose and lime. Perfect for counteracting malodours, A7 is ideal for freshening up fabrics which cannot be cleaned in a washing machine, such as curtains, soft furnishings and carpets.

A7_Air Freshner

Because the range is highly concentrated, very low dosages are required, which can be accurately measured and used with Jangro’s trigger bottles and trigger spray heads. Each one-litre bottle of A7 provides up to 50 trigger spray bottles of air freshener and fabric deodoriser.

Reduced lifecycle impact

Using high concentration, low dosage cleaning products and highly accurate dosing methods means less packaging is required overall, and much less water is used during production. This also saves on C02 thanks to the products weighing less during transport, being packaged in smaller bottles and requiring far fewer deliveries. The overall result is reduced waste and minimal impact on the environment. And all of this comes with no impact on the quality and performance of the range!


The Enviro Concentrates range is a diverse selection of cleaning chemicals – together with the new additions, these include a Washroom Cleaner, Kitchen Sanitiser, Floor Cleaner, plus many more versatile chemicals. Each bottle provides up to 100 trigger spray bottles or 50 x 5 litre buckets of cleaning solution.

Enviro Concentrates Range_

The cleaning supply chain needs to continue to work hard to reduce chemical wastage, and even eliminate it altogether if possible. Using dosing caps to measure out concentrates is the most economical, entry-level way of moving away from ready-to-use sprays which can promote overuse of cleaning products. By moving into concentrates, cleaning contractors can also cut down on packaging, emissions, energy and disposal costs, while still delivering or exceeding the desired cleaning performance.


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