Five New Year’s resolutions for a clean and hygienic leisure facility


At this time each year, Google searches for gyms spike and membership purchases soar. With the increased footfall that this brings, gym, fitness and leisure facilities cannot afford to be complacent about cleaning. After all, the hygiene and cleanliness of your facility not only protects the health and safety of your members and visitors, but can also impact on its success. In this industry, a customer’s positive impression is essential to enhance the reputation of your brand and business, influencing their decision to return and recommend.

Here are our top five resolutions you’ll want to keep this year, to help keep your leisure facility clean, hygienic and safe:

1. Keep equipment clean:

Studies have found that the surfaces of treadmills, weight machines and other typical gym equipment are teeming with bacteria and other infectious germs.[1] Give customers the opportunity to wipe the equipment before and after their workout with Jangro sanitising wipes.

2. Make it easy for customers and staff to practise hand hygiene:

Reduce the risk of germs spreading within your facility by offering hand sanitising solutions. We supply a choice of dispensers, including popular touch-free models, which are even more hygienic due to the fact that no sweaty hands need to touch them to dispense the product

3. Make sure floors are well-maintained:

Floors in leisure facilities are exposed to high traffic so must be well-maintained. Ensure the correct pad is chosen for the floor type and the required job by checking against Jangro’s Floor Pad Guide, which includes a handy colour coding system for easy identification.

4. Don’t forget about the showers and changing rooms:

As well as ensuring fitness zones are clean and tidy, showers and changing rooms must not be forgotten. Our digital wall chart creator has a tool especially for this area. It allows customers to create their own bespoke charts with the products of their choice, and then streamlines all of the health and safety documentation, product user guides, and training modules – so the customer has everything they need in one place.

5. Invest in staff training for best practice:

Best practice can be accomplished easily with proper training. All Jangro customers and their staff have access to our award-winning online training programme, the Learning Management System  (LMS). It is highly flexible, free to use and has even been accredited by the CPD service, assuring you of its quality and relevance.

Following the above five resolutions will not only result in a sparkling and hygienically clean gym, but will also demonstrate your commitment to the health and wellbeing of your clientele.

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