Five steps for fewer germs next term

The summer holidays are in full swing and teachers and pupils are taking a well-earned break after a tumultuous few months of education – both in school and at home.

However, all year groups are expected to attend school full-time in September, so, whilst most premises are empty, now is the perfect opportunity to get ready for their return. With COVID-19 still in circulation, preparation is key. Here are our recommendations to help minimise the risk of transmission once the autumn term begins.

Step 1: Although more frequent cleaning has become common practice over the past few months, a deep, intensive clean is essential prior to reopening, and should include all walls, surfaces, and equipment in the building.

Step 2: Review washroom facilities. Is everything in good working order? If not, now is the time to improve, fix, or replace any broken equipment. With hand hygiene a top priority, consider implementing a solution that provides a clear link between classroom learning and practical application. Our innovative Jangronauts range features four hand washing heroes and engaging messaging, designed to make using dispenser units fun, familiar and second-nature for younger children. What’s more, we offer a free-on-loan service, when soap cartridges are purchased[1].

Step 3: Make sure it is possible for hand hygiene to be extended in the classroom too. There should be ample opportunity for staff and children to clean their hands. This may mean ensuring you have enough sanitiser dispensers for each class room or zone, and supply soap and paper towels if there is a basin present in these areas.

Step 4: Social distancing will become part of daily school life. Although it is widely accepted that young children find this difficult, placing floor markers can help them comply, especially now the guidance has been reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre+.

Step 5: Perform the final checks. Check all stock levels and order more supplies if you are running low on PPE, soap, paper towels, sanitising gel and wipes, or Jangro Virucidal Cleaner. These will be vital for the ongoing hygiene maintenance required once children return to school.

For more information about cleaning supplies for schools, please click here or call our friendly distributors on 01204 795 955.

[1] T’s & C’s apply