Hand Hygiene for All

15th October marks Global Handwashing Day, a worldwide advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent disease and save lives.

It feels particularly pertinent this year, as the globe battles COVID-19. The pandemic has prompted many changes to our daily lives, including mask wearing, social distancing, and of course hand hygiene. This simple act has been at the forefront of the health campaign to help reduce the spread of this awful virus, and awareness has risen accordingly.

Global Handwashing Day also comes at a time when seasonal germs, like cold, flu, and norovirus (AKA the winter vomiting bug) occur. So it really is important to ensure your business or facility offers ample opportunities for hand hygiene.

Now is a good time to review your existing offering. Improve, fix, or replace any broken or unsanitary dispensers, because if the facilities are unusable, it is impossible to practise good hand hygiene. People are unlikely to wash their hands if taps or dispensers look dirty or are leaking. We also have a range of free, downloadable wall charts and posters, including guides to handwashing and sanitising, which can help to prompt hygienic behaviour.

It’s not just hands that viruses, like COVID-19, cling to though. They can also survive on surfaces, so it’s key that these, especially high touch points like door handles, are frequently cleaned with an effective disinfectant. Our Enviro H6 General All Purpose Sanitiser has a new and improved formula, which has been proven to kill coronavirus.[1] It is suitable for multi-purpose cleaning and disinfecting hard washable surfaces and equipment. Portable, with an easy to handle bottle, it provides an accurate dosing method, helping to minimise wastage. What’s more, as it’s part of our Enviro range, it has been designed with the environment in mind, so has reduced packaging, which results in fewer emissions in transportation too.

Check out our Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue for more details of our washroom range, which includes perfumed and unperfumed liquid soaps, foams, sanitising gels and wipes, as well as surface disinfectants and sanitisers.

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[1] Tested to EN14476, EN1276, EN16615

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