Increasing the frequency of touch point hygiene

I have long celebrated the value that cleaning operatives bring to organisations – indeed I firmly believe that they are a vital cog in business success. The pandemic has further shone a light on their significance, and the contribution they make to society, as levels of cleanliness and hygiene have continued to be an important infection prevention measure.

However, as the country takes its first tentative steps to get moving again, a ‘new normal’ is emerging. Whilst operatives are still performing their usual tasks (and more), cleaning duties will no longer be exclusively theirs. That is to say, non-domestic staff will now need to pay attention to ‘touch point’ hygiene, as the need for more frequent cleaning increases.

Risk assessments in schools, for example, have deemed this an essential control measure, meaning that teachers will be constantly cleaning areas throughout the day – tasks that are usually reserved for cleaning staff.

But cleaning is not just a case of picking up a sponge or a cloth and giving surfaces a quick wipe down. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (and, indeed, other viruses and germs), surfaces must be hygienically cleaned. To achieve this, and ensure personal health and safety, staff must follow best practice.

Cleaning operatives are well-trained in this, but most non-domestic workers are not. Our innovative training platform, the Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS), is perfect for those that have been thrown in the deep end with little knowledge or training on how to clean effectively.

The Jangro LMS offers a variety of courses, including an introduction to cleaning, and colour coding and infection control – critical knowledge to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Optimised for all devices, it enables users to learn remotely at times that suit them, and dip in and out of sessions as required.

It also offers a versatile system to ‘train on the go’ with its Task Cards. These are brief, highly visual documents, which contain step-by-step instructions for product usage and safety information.

What’s more, users can also sign in with their social media log-ins, making it even quicker and easier for them to access best practice and advice. For more information about Jangro LMS, please visit