Innovation, not just a buzz word

Innovation. A term that is often bandied around in the cleaning sector, but one that is so much more than a marketing buzzword. For many, innovation equals a technological development – a ground-breaking invention or digital development, for example.

However, the concept is far wider than that. In fact, innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. As well as the creation of something new, it can refer to a change made to an existing product, idea, or way of working. At Jangro, we believe it can also be about thinking outside the box to do things better or adapting and improving processes. A change in behaviour or practice can be just as innovative.

This is something that our industry has had to get to grips with since the outbreak of coronavirus and that’s why, throughout the pandemic, we have kept innovating to help support cleaning businesses and their staff.

Professional cleaning staff have had to quickly learn new techniques, such as how to implement a deep clean properly, so we enhanced our award-winning Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS) by adding a task card dedicated to this subject.

Staff in other industries have also had to adapt, for example teachers and teaching assistants have found themselves responsible for hand and surface hygiene. A role for which they have not been trained. That’s why we developed a deep clean product guide  specifically for education settings.Pandemic aside, sustainability is another area that drives innovation at Jangro. Our Enviro Water Soluble Sachets, for example, use smarter packaging to help minimise landfill burden and reduce the use of plastic. 100% bio-degradable and phosphate-free, these sanitising sachets are easier and safer to use than traditional plastic bottles. They provide controlled dosage (saving wastage and money), and because there is less packaging, there are lower transportation costs, lower emissions and a reduced need for storage space too.

Of course, the adoption of modern technological solutions will grow in the future, and if they are affordable and deliver benefits, then why not? It’s not an area that we are strangers to, in fact, we have a selection of wall charts available bespoke to you… visit digital wallchart creator to create yours!

After all, at its heart, innovation is about doing things better – be that easier, quicker, more sustainably or cost saving.

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