Jangronauts are GO!


This time of year is full of festive fun, but is also a time when winter bugs and germs are rife. Did you know that 80% of illnesses can be transmitted by the hands? The best way to prevent infection therefore is to practise good hand washing, which not only has business benefits – protecting your workforce and resulting in fewer lost ‘sick’ days – but on a personal level means a month enjoying the Christmas festivities feeling fit and well!

Here at Jangro, we take hand hygiene seriously, and firmly believe that healthy hand washing habits should be encouraged right from toddlerhood. That’s why we launched our innovative Jangronauts range, which features four hand washing hero characters. It has been designed especially with children in mind, helping them to learn about the importance of hand hygiene in a fun, interactive and educational way.

Last month we relaunched our new Jangronauts website making it even more user friendly and accessible than ever. It is packed with free, downloadable resources for children to engage with, including hand washing certificates, dot-to-dots, colouring, puzzles, stories, stickers and much more! There are also free posters and a free teachers’ pack available to download, which offers hand washing ideas to support the National Curriculum for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

We have also produced a brand new educational video, to help teach children these incredibly important healthy hand washing habits, showing them how to become a ‘hand washing hero’ themselves. Fun and interactive, they will enjoy learning the rhyme and singing along!


Also new to the Jangronauts is the introduction of a FREE on-loan soap dispenser service. Featuring the hand washing heroes and fun messaging, our soap dispensing systems are attractive and robust, and ideal for facilities where children spend time, such as schools, nurseries, soft play and leisure centres, shopping centres and restaurants.

Completely free to loan when soap cartridges are purchased, there are two options to choose from: The BK038 FMX Model performs with an easy one hand push operation, whilst the BK039 TFX is touch-free, automatically sensing when hands are placed below to dispense soap. Both are available with colourful backboards and a wide range of soap options, including fragrance-free foam hand wash, and mild antimicrobial hand wash.

For more information, head over to www.jangronauts.co.uk

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