Trading responsibly during troubled times

As lockdown continues to loosen, the same cannot be said for the demand for cleaning and hygiene products. In fact, as more organisations get ‘back to business’, the surge for these essential items will remain exceptionally high.

Unfortunately, this huge demand for hand sanitiser, PPE, disinfectants, and other essential items, has led to opportunistic new companies entering the industry and taking advantage. Charging desperate buyers extortionate prices for products, which have no guarantee of meeting industry standards, is wrong. Quite simply, it is unscrupulous profiteering.

Such unethical behaviour recently prompted the UK Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) to issue a warning, advising buyers against purchasing from these immoral and exploitative companies. They advised purchasing from a CHSA Accredited Distributor, like Jangro. This is the only way that customers can be sure that they are buying products, which are fit-for-purpose, meet industry standards, and are reliable both in terms of their high quality and the exact quantity promised on the packaging.

We are committed to quality, reliability, and prices, and are proud to be one of the first ever distributors to be accredited by the CHSA’s Accredited Distributors Scheme. This means that we only stock and sell CHSA Accredited products, or products that conform to the same Standards as required by the relevant CHSA Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme. Compliance is guaranteed by a random, rigorous independent auditing process, and in our last inspection, were delighted to score 99.7%.

So in these challenging times, I’d like to echo the CHSA’s advice: please don’t turn to these unscrupulous new dealers. Look for a supplier which has the CHSA stamp of approval; that’s the only way you can guarantee that you won’t be paying over the odds, or risk purchasing sub-standard and unsafe items.

In the meantime, I’d like to say thank you once again to team here at Jangro, who are making every effort to meet demand, and keep our customers stocked up on essential items. For more information about Jangro, please visit

Business as Usual?

COVID-19 has disrupted just about every aspect of everyday life, but as lockdown gradually eases and restrictions are lifted, we now need to come to terms with our ‘new normal’. Whilst keyworkers have continued to work throughout the crisis, including many from the cleaning industry, lots of other organisations are only just starting to prepare for getting back to business.

However, with the threat of a second wave, they have valid concerns, and indeed a responsibility, to ensure that their premises are as safe as possible for their staff, visitors, and customers. The key to this is to implement effective infection prevention measures, and make sure that workspaces are as clean, hygienic, and healthy as possible, before reopening.

That’s why we have developed two new guides to help businesses get to grips with the new requirements, so that they are ‘COVID-19 secure.’ In clear, easy to understand language, they explain how to control the risk of COVID-19 via deep cleaning, and explore the importance of hand hygiene, with tips and advice to achieve compliance.

‘Deep Cleaning – Controlling the Risk’ covers key cleaning and hygiene topics, including: personal protective equipment (PPE), hand hygiene, cleaning in non-healthcare settings, infection control colour coding, types of disinfectant and sanitiser, and the equipment required for wiping surfaces, floor care, and emergency spillages. It also includes advice for washing laundry, waste disposal, and signposts other support materials available, such as infection control guides and wallcharts and area cleaning charts.

The ‘Importance of Hand Hygiene’  includes instructions for good handwashing practice, advice about the type of soap or cleansers to choose, and steps to help maintain good hygiene. It also gives guidance for handwashing in facilities where children are present, such as our innovative Jangronauts range – perfect for schools and nurseries. Additionally, there is information about hand sanitising, including tips about the most effective locations to position hand sanitising stations within a building.

As well as cleaning and hygiene, don’t forget about social distancing! Ensuring that people are two metres apart is important to limit the spread of the virus, and to keep workplaces healthy. We have a great range of signage and matting to help prompt responsible behaviour – check out our range here.

For more information or to download ‘Deep Cleaning – Controlling the Risk’ and ‘Importance of Hand Hygiene’ visit

Keeping the country moving in troubled times

I have always been passionate about the cleaning industry, and the valuable contribution it makes to society, but over the past few months and in these continuing ‘unprecedented times’, this has finally been recognised. Our sector has proved it is essential to the smooth running of any organisation, and indeed the whole country, and it was heartening to hear them championed in parliament recently.

I am proud of the entire Jangro team during these troubled times. COVID-19 has impacted businesses in so many different ways, and here at Jangro, it’s been no different. We have been doing our utmost to support the nation, prioritising supplies for the frontline healthcare workers, whilst also working hard to continue fulfilling all other orders. To do this, our members across the UK & Ireland have had to implement changes to ensure business can continue as safely as possible, and in many cases, have really gone the extra mile.

Here are just a few examples of the positive things Jangro is doing to help keep the country moving:

• We have prioritised frontline healthcare and key worker accounts and were proud to supply cleaning trolleys, mop buckets, and other equipment to the NHS Nightingale Yorkshire and the Humber, based at the conference centre in Harrogate
• Following an SOS on the North West Tonight TV program, we sourced and supplied PPE (masks, aprons, coveralls) and skincare products to Macclesfield District General Hospital
• All stores have been closed to the public and collection areas have been set up at certain branches. We also reduced operating hours to ensure staff are getting enough respite during these difficult times
• We have introduced social distancing within our offices and warehouses to enhance safety, and where employees are capable of working from home, they are doing so
• Drivers have been kitted out with PPE and are no longer entering customers’ premises. In a bid to keep contact to a minimum, signatures are not currently been sought for paperwork
• To help fulfil orders in a timely fashion, extra evening and weekend shifts have been organised
• Every order is being reviewed, especially those for key, high demand items, to ensure that all customers continue to receive their orders, rather than just a few
• We have helped, where possible, health or care facilities (e.g. care homes) that have little or no supplies, after having been let down by their existing distributor
• We are also doing everything we can to keep customers stocked up on essential items, such as anti-viral disinfectant, effective against the coronavirus

As the country eases out of lockdown, there will be even more pressure on the cleaning industry to ensure spaces are clean, hygienic, and healthy. So I want to dedicate this blog to all of those working hard in the industry – thank you for all you are doing. It is so appreciated.

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Celebrating Hand Hygiene

The coronavirus has really highlighted the importance of good hand hygiene, and not just for those that work in the healthcare industry – who already make it a frequent part of their daily lives. The way we are now living, working, and taking infection prevention measures was unthinkable a year ago.

Never before, has the general public, both young and old, been so aware of when hands should be washed, the best technique, and importantly how long for the most effective clean. People of all ages can now be heard humming the ‘happy birthday’ chorus twice to make sure they have washed for the full 20 seconds!

So as the World Health Organization’s annual advocacy day for hand hygiene rolls around again on 5 May, its ‘Save Lives: Clean Your Hands’ initiative feels extremely pertinent. Good hand – and indeed surface – hygiene is hugely important in times of a health crisis, but it is important to ensure that these measures continue in the future.


Here at Jangro we have given careful thought to the hand and surface hygiene products that we offer through our network. Our Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue gives details of our latest washroom ranges. Inside, you’ll find a wide range of solutions that help encourage healthy hand washing practice, including dispensers, a variety of soap and gel options, drying equipment and signage. We also offer a range of wall charts and posters, including guides to hand washing and sanitising, which can be downloaded for free and used in facilities as part of a hand hygiene campaign.


For school and nursery settings, now is a good time to think about whether your facilities positively influence good handwashing behaviour as well as they could. Our innovative Jangronauts range has been designed with children in mind, and features four hand washing hero characters to help embed healthy hand washing skills from a young age, in a fun, interactive and educational way. It also includes free resources for parents and teachers to help promote the hand hygiene message when schools re-open.

Whatever you do this week, make time to find out about the WHO’s valuable Save Lives Clean Your Hands campaign, and remember – infection control is in your hands.

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