School’s out for summer…

Jangro Schools Out 2019

The summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity for a deep clean of schools, colleges and other educational facilities. Regular servicing does a great job of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene levels during term-time, but a deep clean is essential to reach the grime and dirt that has inevitably built up by the end of the academic year. Following months of unhygienic practices such as sticky hands, germs and mud trodden into carpets, an intensive clean-up is vital to prevent the spread of infection and ensure a healthy learning environment.

With most premises empty for the summer, cleaning operatives are able to tackle the tougher, more time consuming jobs that are just not practical when children are present, or when they are against the clock during an evening shift.

Here are our top six tips for deep cleaning in schools, to help ensure your facility is gleaming and germ-free come September.

Jangro Schools Out 2019Thoroughly wash all surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner to remove any dirt and stains. Pay particular attention to surfaces that are frequently touched, such as tables, desks and chairs which can harbour harmful bacteria and spread illness

Jangro Schools Out 2019

Sticky hands can mean that the inside of windows are as dirty as the outside! Clean them from top to bottom, using a squeegee to finish it off for a sparkling, streak-free finish

Jangro Schools Out 2019

Chewing gum is tough to remove, but can be easily and effectively removed with a hand held scraper or Chewing Gum Remover. Graffiti, pen marks and other stubborn stains can be tackled with the help of Jangro Erase All Sponges

Jangro Schools Out 2019

Make sure you choose the right products and the correct equipment to expertly clean mud and dirt, not to mention paint, glitter and more, from carpets and hard floors. Carpets require a powerful shampoo, whilst the long school holidays provide the ideal timing to care for hard floors. Why not take the opportunity to apply a high quality floor sealer, or even strip and re-seal the surface, to protect it? Our catalogue has a wide range of products including floor polish removers, floor seal and polishes

Jangro Schools Out 2019

All toilets and washrooms should be thoroughly cleaned, including the toilets themselves, basins, soap dispensers and vertical surfaces, such as mirrors and walls. Don’t forget to clean the surfaces that are touched the most frequently too – door handles and cubicle locks are often rife with invisible germs!

Jangro Schools Out

The wealth of information and the multiple health and safety rules and regulations can be confusing, and lead businesses to overestimate the amount of work required to put adequate safety systems in place. Our free guides aim to help businesses, in clear easy to understand language, to develop individual systems in full compliance with the law, that help ensure the safety of all workers in our industry, whilst also enabling them to achieve best practice. Download your FREE guides here.

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Jangro Schools Out 2019

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