Spring cleaning has never been so serious

It’s April – the time of year for the traditional annual spring clean. This year, however, keeping facilities clean and hygienic has taken on added significance. With the outbreak of COVID-19 still disrupting lives, businesses, and seriously affecting the health of the nation, the valuable work that cleaning operatives do every day of the year is being realised. Because, after all, cleaning and hygiene go hand in hand with infection control.

And now, more than ever, these operatives are putting their own health at risk for the greater good, in an attempt to help halt the spread of the pandemic.

To help ensure their health and wellbeing – and that of the wider community – commercial cleaning companies should ensure their employees follow best practice, particularly when it comes to infection prevention and control.

Here at Jangro, we have lots of resources which can help with this and have rounded up the most relevant in this blog for handy reference.

Practice good hand hygiene

As we have been repeatedly advised by official guidance, effective hand washing and sanitising is critical to prevent the spread of infection. But are your staff confident with the correct procedures? Putting up wallcharts highlighting the best techniques can help – check out these two useful guides to hand washing and sanitising.

Use cleaning products correctly

It’s also important that staff are familiar with correct protocols when to comes to using virucidal cleaners, detergents and disinfectants. This is particularly pertinent when dealing with infectious areas that may have been contaminated with COVID-19, as well as any other contagious viruses and diseases, such as norovirus, E-coli, Clostridium difficile or H.I.V. We have two infection control guides available to aid best practice and ensure staff – one for using virucidal cleaners and one for chlorine tablets.

As well as following the correct processes, it is also vitally important to use effective products to prevent this virus from spreading further. Our catalogue features a wide range of cleaning solutions and hand washing, sanitising, and PPE products, to help with this.

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