Brexit – The Journey Ahead

Jangro Brexit

The UK’s vote to exit the European Union could have many implications for the cleaning industry supply chain. After all, many health and safety laws, labelling and classification systems are intrinsically linked with European regulations. Jangro Chief Executive Officer Joanne Gilliard calls for a common-sense approach to navigating the road ahead.

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Site Manager – Health & Safety compliance at your fingertips

Another week, another blog, welcome back! This week I’m here to tell you all about our fabulous online resource, Site Manager.

Here at Jangro we’ve recently revamped our website to include a resource that will save all you lovely customers time while keeping you in the loop on all the latest health and safety documentation and best of all it doesn’t cost a penny.

This new health and safety compliance solution is now available to all online customers, containing hundreds of safety Data Sheets, COSHH risk assessments and process risk assessment documents on all of our Jangro products.


The nitty gritty

How it works is simple. Whenever you order one of our Jangro products online, the relevant compliance information such as Safety Data Sheets, Chemical Risk Assessment or Work Equipment Risk Assessment is automatically added to your dedicated Site Manager area. You can then log on and access the required information wherever you may be.

Better still, direct links to these informative documents will appear on your order confirmation email saving you the time it takes to search for and download data for each individual product.

It gets better…

We’re always wanting to go the extra mile for our customers, so we created an option allowing you to collate a site or company specific pack in a nifty PDF document complete with branded cover sheets and a contents page, perfect to have around for health and safety inspections and insurance purposes.

All of our Jangro literature is updated in line with national legislative changes. If you set up automatic email updates to your account, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest documents.

See for yourself…

Site Manager was designed and built with you in mind, taking tips and feedback from your consultations and feedback.

We have also released a training video, which gives clear and concise instructions on how to use Site Manager as well as simple steps to follow during set up.

To find out more about Jangro’s Site Manager please visit or contact me on my social media pages.