Technological innovation has landed

Jangro Technology Blog_HeaderMany workers in the cleaning industry eyed the birth of the digital era with suspicion and fear. Some worried for their jobs, concerned that they might be replaced by robots. Whilst this may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, these were genuine concerns at the time, which never came to be realised.

Why? Because quite simply, cleaning is a largely people-focused industry.

However, in spite of this, technological innovation has been slowly working its way throughout the industry, and transforming the way cleaning services are delivered so that they work more effectively for staff and clients. There have been some wonderful innovations from robotics to IoT technology (IoT – the overall concept of connecting everyday devices to the Internet to allow better control and automation), but importantly, these all rely on humans to operate them, or to make decisions based on their performance.

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The truth is, technology has not and will not replace people. However, it can, instead, help humans to achieve a better result, whilst also saving them valuable time in which they can enhance the service the customer receives. Now that this has been accepted by most in the industry, technological innovation is coming thick and fast!

It is something we are passionate about at Jangro and have been constantly working on over the years, from making our e-learning platform, the LMS (Learning Management Solution), as versatile and accessible as possible, to offering customers a choice of sustainable products and formulations, and innovative equipment, such as touch-free dispensers.Jangro Technology Blog_VR

We have also been busy over the last few months putting the finishing touches to our exclusive new state-of-the-art technological solutions, comprising of an innovative Virtual Reality platform and a new Digital Wall Chart Creator, which will both be available to see in action next month at The Cleaning Show. These digital tools will help customers from a planning perspective, enabling them to see what products are required for particular areas, as well as linking all relevant resources together, including COSHH risk assessments, product user guides, safety data sheets and relevant LMS modules and Task Cards.

The hi-tech developments in our sector have turned out to be a great success with impressive achievements, and it is hard now to imagine a future without them providing invaluable support and continuing to enhance the service offered by cleaning companies. Technological innovation has firmly landed in the industry, and we are proud to be playing a part in this.