Top infection prevention tips (which are nothing to sneeze at)

Infection Prevention

Cough, cough, splutter, splutter… a-tishoo! Chances are that you, or somebody you know, has already suffered the first virus of the dreaded cold and flu season. At this time of year then, when germs are rife, a little extra attention must be paid to hand hygiene systems to break the chain of infection and prevent its spread.

This has multi-benefits for businesses, regardless of their industry. As well as protecting the health and safety of all users in a building, a clean and hygienic setting results in a healthier workforce, ergo fewer days are lost to absenteeism and greater productivity is achieved.

It can also enhance the image of a facility, increase customer recommendation, and prevent cross-contamination or potential outbreaks of food poisoning in catering facilities. Last, but by no means least, it hugely reduces the risk of possible account fines, compensation or litigation from any illness caused by poor hygiene.

Our top tips to encourage handwashing include:

  • Check that the facilities are in good working order and accessible for all users (e.g. washrooms, kitchens, classrooms)
  • Consider installing new dispensers – touch-free systems are becoming increasingly popular as they dispense the exact dosage of product each time without physically needing to touch them (thereby increasing their hygiene rating)
  • Ensure that the soap and sanitising products have gentle but effective formulations so as not to irritate skin. Check that they conform to key standards including EN 1499, EN1276 and EN13727
  • Display prominent posters. Eye-catching signage can be very effective as a prompt, reminding users how to wash their hands properly. Jangro offers a range of free, downloadable wall charts and posters, including a guide to hand washing, which can be used as part of hand hygiene campaigns
  • Offer a choice of drying facilities
  • Keep facilities well-stocked, and schedule regular inspections to prevent any dispensers running empty

Jangro Hand Washing Guide


A little planning goes a long way to improving the health and wellbeing of a building’s occupants during the germ season. Jangro is here to help. Check out a wide range of dispensing units, perfumed and unperfumed liquid soaps, foams, sanitising gels and wipes, and more in Jangro’s new Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies 2019/2020 Catalogue.

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