Top tips for a clean and hygienic retail environment

A clean, hygienic and welcoming environment is critical in retail settings. After all, a customer’s positive impression will influence how long they dwell, how much they spend and whether they decide to return. Critically, it also ensures their safety.

This time of year, however, brings additional challenges for operatives in the retail sector. ‘Black Friday’ and Christmas shoppers increase footfall, and together with inclement weather and the presence of seasonal germs, there is a lot more dirt and bacteria to clean.

To help our customers combat these challenges, we’ve put together four top tips to maintain a hygienically clean environment this winter:

  • Don’t be afraid to clean in ‘business hours’

Many businesses choose to clean in the evenings, after the stores close. However, cleaning during the daytime offers key benefits in the winter. It not only keeps the setting clean and safe for customers, but also reinforces the message that you take cleanliness, health and hygiene seriously.

top tips for maintaining a clean and hygienic retail environment

  • Be flexible on rainy days

Umbrellas are a saviour on wet days but once inside, the drips can quickly create a slip hazard on hard floors. Amend cleaning operatives’ checklists to ensure the flooring is wiped clean more often than usual, or move tasks around to accommodate this.

  • Pay extra attention to washroom facilities

Higher footfall also has a knock-on effect on washroom facilities. Check that everything is in good working order and that it is monitored frequently to ensure that dispensers do not run empty. At this time of year, germs are rife so ensure that there is a good hand hygiene system in place

  • Install a barrier matting system. Did you know that 80% of the total amount of soil present within a building is brought in via people’s feet? Installing an effective barrier matting system could prevent up to 90% of floor dirt and grime from entering the building – making a huge difference during the winter season.


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