We offer a wide range of cleaning products designed for education establishments. Whether you’re responsible for maintaining a nursery, school, college or university, Jangro has the products you need to keep it professionally clean.

Schools and other education facilities require a high level of cleanliness. As well as the obvious kitchen and washroom products, Jangro can also offer additional waste management, workwear, pest control, window cleaning and many other options to keep your facility in top condition.

For the little ones we have the Jangronauts, our very own hand washing heroes, with a fun message on attractive soap dispensers designed to encourage hand washing. They even have their own website with a whole range of support material including a teacher's guide to aid teaching personal hygiene in the shape of a story book. Visit for more details.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Jangro products in education establishments, please call us on 01204 795 955 today.