All natural cleaning

renewable, sustainable, environmentally-safe cleaning products

the next generation of cleaning products with the environment in mind

The ntrl range uses technology based on biology to deliver next level performance, improving our lives and the health of our planet.


By looking to biological processes that nature has taken millions of years to perfect, the ntrl range offers a safer, cleaner and efficient cleaning process whilst also reducing our environmental footprint, and transforming how we clean.


deeper cleaning

The ntrl range comes not only with the assurances of minimising our impact on the environment but also a deeper cleaning action: 

The Washroom Cleaner and Multi-Surface Cleaner contain probiotics, beneficial bacteria that colonise surfaces reducing the presence of harmful bacteria on surfaces and working long after the initial clean. 


The Washroom Cleaner and Multi-Surface Cleaner contain 

 Good bacteria that combat and replace odour producing bad bacteria 

and continue working long after the initial clean.


recycled & recyclable

The vision of sustainability goes beyond harnessing the power of nature within the cleaning products, it is a business model applied to all elements of the product.


The bottles used in the ntrl range are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR) reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 85% compared to virgin plastic.


Jangro encourages users to retain sprayer bottles for refilling in order to help reduce plastic consumption and the impact on the planet.


All packaging is recycled and/or recyclable, including the cardboard delivery cartons.


The ntrl range is made in the UK and produced to ISO9001 standards, ISO14001 environmental certification and is accredited to Carbon PAS2060 for carbon neutrality.



Innovative, vegan formulations

All products use raw materials that are derived from plant based extracts that are less harmful to human health and the environment. Products are vegan friendly and have not been tested on animals.