3M Premium 17inch Floor Pad White

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1 x 5

3M Premium White Floor Pads are floor cleaning pads used for light cleaning to help remove soil and scuff marks with minimal dulling of finish.

They're designed not to scratch or damage protected floors and can also be used to polish wood floors to enhance the floor shine.

As a market leader in floor care, 3M is always striving to set new standards. Scotch-Brite floor pads were first introduced 50 years ago, through a combination of three of 3M's core technologies - abrasives, adhesives and non-woven fibres. The Scotch-Brite floor pads promise is total lower costs. The true cost of floor care in not how much you pay for the pads, but what they do for you in terms of productivity gains through consistently high performance and lower operator stress. Scotch-Brite floor pads will help you to achieve superior cleaning results. Pack of 5